Brand Ambassador Program

We are not looking for models, and our team personally scouts our influencers and sponsees out. However, if you'd like to get involved and work with us-
Check out our Brand Ambassador Program!


We are Born Dead, Join us.


Here’s how it works!

 1. Within this program you’ll be able to rep our brand, win some free gear or cash based off your sales!

2. We give you your own personal code, with a DOPE discount for you to purchase your gear- along with a separate discount code for you to post in your bio and give out to your followers/friends.

3. Take some photos, tag us, rep your Followers/Friends discount code and you’ll be rewarded for the times your code is used on our site with clothes or cash.


If you are interested, shoot Tate an email to with the subject line:
Brand Ambassador” with the information included below and we’ll hit you back with more of the details and get you started-
Name / Email / Preferred social media username OR one social media link.
No need to follow up. We will contact anyone who qualifies.