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Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Streetwear Clothing Company

Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Streetwear Clothing Company


Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite tattoo inspired streetwear brand? Get a personal look into the daily life of Tate and Vinny, founders of Born Dead. 

Born Dead started from humble beginnings. A former sponsored skater and graffiti artist, Vinny had a dream to create a rad line of tattoo inspired clothing  unlike anything else on the market. He teamed up with girlfriend Tate to bring their idea to life. Motivated by their past, the ink on their skin, and the music in their ears they started screen printing clothing in their kitchen. While working their day jobs they hustled to sell their clothing at music festivals, tattoo expos, and online. Soon Born Dead merchandise was overtaking their kitchen and spilling into the rest of the house. 

Counting pieces of clothing as our shipments come in-

Now Born Dead has its own dedicated space with plenty of room to get creative with their streetwear clothing and accessories. On a daily basis Vinny and Tate bring new ideas to life (like launching this new line of vintage tees), send out newsletters to the Born Dead fans, promote their apparel on Facebook & Instagram, network with vendors, collaborate with other brands and bands, photo shoots, shipping orders, and so much more. All while rocking out to some of their favorite bands (most recently Knuckle Puck’s new album). 


It may sound like a lot of work, but when your passion becomes your purpose the daily grind isn’t so bad. There is always plenty of goofing off in between the hard work. Plus Fridays are reserved for kicking back beers and blowing off steam, so that certainly helps to keep the creative juices flowing! 

3/15/21 Pulling items from storage to restock shelves-

2/19/21 Vinny is designing the Majestic Wolf tee design- 

Most of Vinny + Tate's time is spent designing new items or conjuring up new idea concepts for graphics. The other half is spent running the company and dealing with business aspects like distribution, networking with suppliers, sponsoring events/concerts, collaborating with other brands/bands and photography. 


 Are You Ready to Join the Born Dead Movement?

If you've been looking for clothing to tell your unique story, owned by equally unique people, you have come to the right place. View our entire line of alternative and streetwear clothing and join the growing movement. 

Born Dead. We are the Culture Not The Trend.

By vincent ferraro

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