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Born Dead Streetwear Clothing Collabs


Born Dead Streetwear Clothing Collabs


Born Dead is all about pushing the envelope and developing unique streetwear clothing that represents the music we love and the tattoos we just can't get enough of. In our quest for designing rad streetwear we have collaborated with some of the coolest brands in the industry.  

Lionheart Collab

The music of Lionheart's first album was described as hardcore punk-rooted metalcore, and compared with Hatebreed. The musical style is comparable with Terror and Settle the Score. Lionheart uses musical elements of beatdown hardcore and two-step in their sound. One more musical influence is Cro-Mags. Overall, Lionheart is categorized as a mixture of hardcore punk and heavy metal.

The band is known for their aggressive sound which can be compared with First Blood and Blood Stands Still.

Samborghini Collab

About Samborghini:  I'm a 33 year old graphic designer from Seattle, WA. When I'm not designing stuff for music artists like Migos, Pop Smoke, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Billie Eilish, I like to design the graphics that I'd wear on a shirt. I put the designs on Instagram and they get a lot of likes, but that's the end of the road. I wanted to translate the likes into something tangible, a little something different you could wear. That's where I got the idea for Samborghini, The Residential Streetwear Brand. Original designs on basic shirts that'll help you make a unique impression around the fire pit with your peeps.




Born Dead x Can't Swim Logo

Can't Swim Collab

Can't Swim is a legendary rock band formed in Keansburg, New Jersey in 2005. In the very same year, they released EP "Death Deserves A Name" through Pure Noise Records. Since then, Can't Swim has been touring and putting out records. Hits include Fail You Again, This Too Won't Pass, and Change of Plans.

Can't Swim takes influence from other legends such as The Cure, The Lemonheads, The Replacements, Ministry, and Radiohead!

The Born Dead x Can't Swim collaboration shirt is an alternative streetwear tee commemorating the band's pop punk vibe of their electric concerts.

Born Dead x Can't Swim Graphic Tee



Belmont x Born Dead

Belmont Collab

After forming in high school in 2014, Belmont self-released their debut EP titled Vicissitude which was produced by Mat Kerekes of Citizen and his brother. In 2016, after solidifying their lineup, Belmont announced their signing to Mutant League Records and released the EP Between You & Me. In 2017, Belmont released a music video for a new single Step Aside. The band released 'Belmont' a self titled full-length album on August 17, 2018 and has since been signed to Pure Noise Records.

Born Dead met Belmont on Super Bowl Sunday in 2020 and immediately hit it off. Ever since then, the band has been rocking our alternative streetwear on tour and during promo photo shoots. Our collab shirt represents our reciprocating love and respect for each other.
Belmont x Born Dead Tee

American Socks and Born Dead Logo

Epic Skate Sock Collab

If you are a skater, American Socks needs no introduction. Inspired by the style of ground breaking skaters in the early 70's, American Socks brought back the lifestyle of alternative culture and urban attitude through your feet.

Our relationship with American Socks all started off with a common love for the same types of music including Pop Punk, Metalcore, and Hardcore. Collectively, as brands in the same scene, we share the same values as American Socks from traveling to festivals, slanging clothing to the people that we love, and sponsoring our favorite bands. Out of these similarities a rad tie dye sock, with a twist of both of our brands style was born! 

skateboard socks collab with American Socks



Boss Dog Art Dept. and Born Dead Clothing logos

Legendary Streetwear Tee Collab

Boss Dog Art Dept. is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Mikey & Sam with dog children, Bud, Hulk and Cookie. The team is inspired by the mystical energy of the legendary Joshua Tree High Desert in all design and subject matter with an emphasis on commitment to positive mental health, being true to one’s “authentic” self, and a highlight to outspoken political progressive social causes.

At Born Dead we are all about finding your passion and becoming your true authentic self, so it was only natural to team up with Boss Dog Art Dept. to bring this unique "Face the Music" streetwear tee to life. 
face the music streetwear tee

Who will we collaborate with next? Guess you will have to wait and see. In the meantime, be sure to check out all our latest streetwear clothing drops!


By vincent ferraro

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