Skateboard Clothing: What You Need to Know About This Streetwear Trend

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Skateboard Clothing: What You Need to Know About This Streetwear Trend


Skateboard Clothing: What You Need to Know About This Streetwear Trend


Rebellious, casual, and with an edgy, anti-establishment look. If you are in the skate scene, you know what I mean. Skateboard clothing is about more than function. It’s about rising against the mainstream and wearing your story- whatever it might be. Just like our tattoo-inspired clothing, skatewear clothing design is inspired by the music in our ears and a casual, FTW attitude. 

The Basic Look

skateboarders hanging out

Categorized by oversized shirts, unique graphic tees, tube socks, and hoodies, skateboard clothing is all about comfort meets anti-conformity. Looks will vary depending on an individual’s taste and preference. Into a vintage skater vibe? Rock the baseball tees and striped tube socks. Have a more alternative style? Cop some of your favorite band’s swag or go for a more edgy, alternative clothing brand. (We’re not going to say Born Dead, but seriously if you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace the culture, not the trend). 

Graphic Tees

graphic tee from Born Dead's Skateboard Clothing collection

Giving you plenty of room to move, and a casual IDGAF vibes, oversized graphic tees are really the hallmark of skateboard clothing. Snag your favorite band t-shirts, or rock vintage style band tees with a twist. Rocked by men and women alike, whatever graphic t-shirt style you gravitate to, the key is to wear them loose and long, and with the perfect dose of attitude. 


tattoo inspired skate socks

When you are doing fancy footwork, make sure your socks are making a statement. Skate socks started off as the traditional striped tube style straight from the 70s. If you are into the vintage skateboard clothing look, these throwbacks are a must. If something more modern is your style, there are plenty of options, like these sick, tattoo-inspired skateboard socks


Born Dead Skateboard Hoodie

When it comes to skatewear, hoodies are an absolute staple. Warm, low-key, and protective your skate hoodies can make as loud as a statement as you want. As with everything else, opt for a loose, oversized fit.  Rep your favorite band’s hoodie, or choose something a bit more moody and you are ready to hit the streets.


skate shorts by Born Dead

Skate shorts are long and loose fitting for greater protection and range of motion. Cargo, twill, or chino shorts are popular due to their fit and durability. From there choose your style. Snag them in a camouflage print and make a statement, or choose a more subtle look and let your footwork do the talking. 


Skateboard Clothing with Attitude

skateboarder wearing born dead clothing

Whatever your style, rock your best looks with one-of-a-kind skateboard clothing that always pairs perfectly with your mood. Skateboarding is not just a sport, it’s a way of life. So whatever skateboard apparel you choose to cop, always remember, be the culture, not the trend. 

By vincent ferraro

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