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Women’s Tattoo Clothing


For as long as we’ve been a brand, Born Dead has had the ultimate goal to make our entire line of tattoo-inspired clothing and vintage streetwear with both men and women in mind. And while it’s true you’re more likely to find band tees in the men’s section of retailers, there’s no doubt they can look just as good—if not better—on the ladies. So if you’re looking for women’s streetwear styling inspiration or an alternative clothing brand that doesn’t just cater to the guys, look no further. Below, we outline styling tips and tricks for Born Dead gear on women.


Rock The Oversized Tee

Let’s face it: we don’t need any fancy tucks or frills to rock a tee as well as the guys. Get your t-shirt oversized to hit the top of your thighs for a comfortable look that bridges WFH to the concert hall. Below, the model reps her distressed All Bite No Bark vintage streetwear tee with patterned shoes and sweats tucked into socks to give additional points of styling interest.

Practice a Tuck

A tucked tee can create dimension and interest with very little effort. The French Tuck is today’s most popular t-shirt solution, with the front of the shirt tucked into jeans, sweats, or even a skirt. However, a cropped tuck can have a similar interesting effect. Below, our model rolls an alternative streetwear t-shirt, ties it, and tucks up the tail. She highlights the dark ensemble with white shoes and socks for added interest.

Alternatively, a front tuck into the front of your bra can help highlight the design of unique bottoms. Here, our model uses it to show off some comfy, oversized tattoo inspired joggers.

Crop Your Top

If you’re in love with the crop, then this probably isn’t the first time you’ve taken scissors to your favorite tees. And although we agree that a self-snipped tee is a great way to amplify the style of our gothic apparel, our Hellbent Crop Top tattoo inspired t shirt is the perfect junction of cropped and oversized. Wear it with high waisted bottoms, sweats, or leggings.

Loose Yourself

The 2020s have come with an obsession with looser silhouettes that look great and make women more comfortable than the skin-tight skater jeans of olde. Playing with more forgiving silhouettes on the top and bottom is a great way to change up your look while staying comfortable, whether you’re living that WFH life or braving the world beyond home. Below, our model pairs a cut-off tee with our Tattoo Inspired Dad Jeans.

Accessorize Your Way

Not all women want a purse that comes with its own rain jacket. An alternative gothic bag like our Thanks for Nothing Flight Bag is a great way to add an edge to an otherwise monochrome ensemble. Below, our model wears it crossbody so the design on the strap stands out.

That’s not all. From headwear to mugs to other ways to carry your stuff, we have a curated collection of streetwear accessories to choose from here.

Women’s Basics With Edge

Sick of your guy friends stealing your stuff? Our women’s line is a compilation of tattoo inspired women’s clothes designed just for you. Below, the model shows off our Crybby Bikini. This altered basic makes enough of a statement on its own, no accessories or fancy styling tucks required.

That’s not all. Follow us on Instagram for more styling tricks and new product drops.

By vincent ferraro

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