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Grab a finger board to shred up your desk or kitchen table with the Born Dead High Performance wood fingerboard. A wooden deck construction provides an authentic feel, and the softer than traditional wheels improve grip and control for excellent performance overall.

This board needs to be build by you, therefor it does not come pre-built. For grip tape application, place tape on a flat surface with the grip facing up. Place the board on top with the graphic facing down on the grip. Then trace around the board with a pen. For an accurate trace, when approaching the tail and nose, push the end down so the tail or nose is flat on the tape. Then cut with scissors. 

Product Details:

  • High Performance Wood Fingerboard from Born Dead.
  • Miniature wood skateboard with trucks & softer wheels.
  • Show us your setup! Use #Borndeadclothing and tag @borndeadclothing on your Instagram and show us your tricks. 

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